GBP/CHF 1.23411 20:30 20.07 AUD/USD 0.79552 19:45 20.07 AUD/USD 0.79609 19:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16198 18:45 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16268 18:30 20.07 AUD/USD 0.79610 18:15 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16248 18:15 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16292 18:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16344 15:15 20.07 USD/JPY 111.750 15:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16328 14:45 20.07 USD/JPY 111.735 14:45 20.07 EUR/USD 1.15510 13:15 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29469 11:15 20.07 GOLD 1236.953 11:00 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29417 11:00 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29558 10:30 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29652 10:00 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29696 09:45 20.07 DUBAI 3561.670 08:10 20.07 GBP/JPY 145.821 03:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.15232 03:00 20.07 HANG SENG 26713.230 03:00 20.07 NZD/JPY 82.322 01:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.15231 01:00 20.07 BHP-AU 24.925 01:00 20.07 USD/JPY 111.982 21:00 19.07 USD/JPY 111.837 20:30 19.07 AUD/USD 0.79563 20:00 19.07 AUD/USD 0.79571 19:45 19.07


CFD Corporate purpose for this Ethics & Best Practices Policy is to establish, between our customers and stakeholders, a culture and corporate philosophy of trust and openness between our employees, our customers, and beyond, to be reflected in business practices and how we affect our community. Our Ethics & Best Practices Policy embraces “The Seven Key Principles” (See ISO 26000).


Our ‘Ethics & Best Practices Policy’ is the standard for behavior expected by CFD Corporate of all employees, management, executive staff, contractors, consultants, stakeholders, and others at CFD Corporate. This is also behavior that YOU, our investors, account holders, and third parties, should expect of CFD Corporate Management Staff and employees. This policy is collectively known and acknowledged throughout our Corporation and Foundation.


An effective ethics and corporate responsibility policy is a team effort requiring the involvement and backing of every CFD Corporate Employee and staff member. All Account Holders should familiarize themselves with Our Policy. CFD Corporate is committed to protecting employees, staff members, Account Holders, partners, vendors, and the Corporation from improper, unlawful, injurious, or detrimental activities by any person or corporate entity, either purposely, knowingly, or in some cases, unknowingly.
CFD Corporate will not tolerate any violation, misconduct or impropriety or any infractions of this code and will take the appropriate action up to and including disciplinary action or legal process to immediately correct the violation if or when the ethical code is broken.


Our purpose for authoring a corporate responsibility and ethics policy is to prioritize your expectation, as well as all with whom we conduct business, to be treated to fair and ethical business conduct and practices. This policy will serve to guide and ensure ethical conduct in CFD Corporate business activities and general comportment of all personnel.


This policy applies to all CFD Corporate personnel including, but not limited to, employees, management, executive staff, contractors, consultants, stakeholders, and others at CFD Corporate. Certain policies, where valid and relevant, may also apply to our account holders, investors, and stakeholders.


CFD Corporate personnel (all-inclusive and where relevant or applicable – all independent associates, contractors, vendors, and account holders while registered with CFD Corporate) are expected to know and follow these policies and shall:

1) Hold as the top priority to behave professionally in a manner that reflects the highest ethical standards possible.
2) Uphold and develop personal and professional honor, integrity and the dignity of our profession.
3) To continually hold vital the welfare of CFD Corporate, and their Trading and Investing Account Holders, employees, executives, stakeholders, and the public in the daily performance of our professional duties.
4) Strive for personal and professional excellence; encourage the professional development of others; encourage and nurture a ‘team’ environment.
5) Treat all people with mutual respect, consideration and fair-mindedness regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or national origin, disability, maternity, marital, or family status.
6) Understand, endorse and carry out CFD Corporate Mission, Vision and Core Principles in a professional manner.
7) Establish and continually improve professional reputations on the merit of operational excellence and exceptional customer service.
8) Understand the primary function of CFD Corporate is to serve with passion and excellence the best interests of its account holders and investors.
9) Accept the personal responsibility to conduct ourselves professionally and to treat others with fairness, efficiency, and impartiality.
10) Continually update our operational procedures, employee training, and customer service standards to ensure the highest level of value.
11) Have an ‘open door’ policy which welcomes suggestions, comments and concerns from all, including account holders, investors, and employees.
12) Keep the community apprised of Corporate and Philanthropic actions through press releases and other media resources.
13) Demonstrate positive leadership and respect for all people and life.
14) Establish and maintain the highest standards of personal and professional behavior.
15) Respect and preserve the security and safety of all data including confidential, privileged information.
16) Avoid unauthorized use of company trade secrets & marketing, operational, personnel, financial, source code, technical information, which is integral to the success and welfare of CFD Corporate, its employees and its clientele.

For Account Holders (please read):

Your reading of this policy and your continuation as an account holder is considered by CFD Corporate to be acceptance of these terms: You should read all current CFD Corporate terms, conditions, all policies, and procedures, become familiar and understand them and all updates, and where relevant and/or applicable, abide by them.


Any breaches, violations or infractions of CFD Corporate Ethics and Best Practices Policy, or breaches of any other policies, processes, and procedures, will not be tolerated and we at CFD Corporate will act swiftly in correcting any and all breaches, violations, infractions, or issues. Any person or corporate entity which violates any and all CFD Corporate Policies, Procedures, and Processes may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, and in severe cases, legal action or prosecution.

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