GBP/CHF 1.23411 20:30 20.07 AUD/USD 0.79552 19:45 20.07 AUD/USD 0.79609 19:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16198 18:45 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16268 18:30 20.07 AUD/USD 0.79610 18:15 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16248 18:15 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16292 18:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16344 15:15 20.07 USD/JPY 111.750 15:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16328 14:45 20.07 USD/JPY 111.735 14:45 20.07 EUR/USD 1.15510 13:15 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29469 11:15 20.07 GOLD 1236.953 11:00 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29417 11:00 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29558 10:30 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29652 10:00 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29696 09:45 20.07 DUBAI 3561.670 08:10 20.07 GBP/JPY 145.821 03:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.15232 03:00 20.07 HANG SENG 26713.230 03:00 20.07 NZD/JPY 82.322 01:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.15231 01:00 20.07 BHP-AU 24.925 01:00 20.07 USD/JPY 111.982 21:00 19.07 USD/JPY 111.837 20:30 19.07 AUD/USD 0.79563 20:00 19.07 AUD/USD 0.79571 19:45 19.07

Account Type

CFD Corporate Account Types

Depending on who you are (person / corporation / entity), we offer 5 different retail trading accounts and 3 different corporate accounts to suit your needs. All account types have access to our complete range of training materials, tools, financial products, and all trading platforms.

When you open a trading account, depending on the type, a personal CFD Corporate Trading Account Manager and/or a Financial Broker is assigned to you and your account. Please understand you are entering into an exclusive relationship with someone who has proven capabilities as a Customer Service Account Manager and/or Broker.

In addition, all of our Personal Brokers are experts in market analysis, with knowledge of financial planning, money and risk management strategies, and extensive experience as a trader / broker. If or when you are assigned a Personal Broker, the first step is for him/her to spend time understanding what your desires and goals are, who you are and what is important to you.

Then, according to your goals, he or she will develop a custom tailored trading plan specific to you and what type of trading account you’ve opened.

Below is a brief description of our Account Types:

1.) Any Amount Account: Start Trading in Minutes! Yes, ANY AMOUNT! Plus, tools, education and training to guide you to success. Includes free consultation with a Financial Advisor.
2.) Newbie: All of the benefits of our AA Account, plus service from your own Account Executive, fee-based concierge service, and one free consultation session with a Personal Broker.
3.) Start-Up: All of the benefits of our Micro Account, plus no-charge concierge service, personally assigned Broker, a professional trading plan, risk management strategizing, directed trade execution, daily signals, dynamic payouts, and more!
4.) Entrepreneur: Designed for those deserve highest level of service, benefits, and perks. All of the benefits of our Executive Account, plus your own personally assigned Senior Level Broker. Click on the link below to see the full spectrum of benefits and features.
5.) Top Executive: Designed for those deserve highest level of service and management. For those who demand the Top-Tier in Account Management this account comes with a Dealing Room open access and a Senior Level Dealing Room Personal Broker / Trader; quarterly reports. All of the benefits of our V.I.P. are also included.


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