GBP/CHF 1.23411 20:30 20.07 AUD/USD 0.79552 19:45 20.07 AUD/USD 0.79609 19:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16198 18:45 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16268 18:30 20.07 AUD/USD 0.79610 18:15 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16248 18:15 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16292 18:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16344 15:15 20.07 USD/JPY 111.750 15:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.16328 14:45 20.07 USD/JPY 111.735 14:45 20.07 EUR/USD 1.15510 13:15 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29469 11:15 20.07 GOLD 1236.953 11:00 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29417 11:00 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29558 10:30 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29652 10:00 20.07 GBP/USD 1.29696 09:45 20.07 DUBAI 3561.670 08:10 20.07 GBP/JPY 145.821 03:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.15232 03:00 20.07 HANG SENG 26713.230 03:00 20.07 NZD/JPY 82.322 01:00 20.07 EUR/USD 1.15231 01:00 20.07 BHP-AU 24.925 01:00 20.07 USD/JPY 111.982 21:00 19.07 USD/JPY 111.837 20:30 19.07 AUD/USD 0.79563 20:00 19.07 AUD/USD 0.79571 19:45 19.07

Why CFD Corporate

Why You Should Trust CFD Corporate to be your broker:

Since our inception, CFD Corporate has operated with an unsurpassed level of ethics and excellence allowing our investors and traders to continually enjoy safe and profitable trading. OpenAccount Now!

Our security procedures have been meticulously designed, carefully reviewed and tested, retested, then implemented to safeguard your account, your personal information, and more importantly the security of your funds and financial assets. Providing you (and all of our clients) with the safest trading environment possible is one of our core values. See Trust & Security.

Execute Winning Trades with your own Personal Broker
Maybe you do or don’t have time to trade. Maybe you do or don’t know how to trade – either way, you have the option* to allow our expert dealing room brokers assist you in managing and trading your capital. *See Account Types.

Wealth Creation through Planning
Contrary to most other brokers and firms, CFD Corporate retail dealing room trades with you, not against you! Custom tailored with you in mind, our retail dealing room operation is staffed with top-tier, veteran market analysts and brokers.

Each staff member has an extensive history of developing winning trading plans and developing the investing plans designed to convert those winnings into wealth for our investors. Open Account Today.

Easy & Simple Trading on the #1 FX/CFD / Forex Trading Platform – Mobile & Desktop

Come experience multiple asset trading on the most technically advanced trading platform. Trade all asset groups from ANYWHERE (in your Rolls or your G550) with our industry leading Mobile Application. Forget downloads, with us you will be up and trading FOREX, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, and Futures in minutes or whenever you decide to participate. See Asset Index.

Brilliant Training
Our Trading Academy consists of an extensive collection of training tools and trading strategies to give you a winning edge in the market, including FREE video tutorials, on-demand webinars, e-Books, online courses, and much more. If you are interested in learning to trade, our education and training will provide a thorough understanding of platform and trade execution; how to articles on Creating a Trading Plan, trade plan execution; understanding Risk Management and Money Management strategies; and more. Click Here to Open Account.

Any Amount Account – ‘You Come First’
CFD Corporate is the first (that we’re aware of at the time of publishing) to offer the option to open a retail FX/CFD / Forex trading account with any amount. When you open an account with us, you come first. You are our #1 Priority.

Assisting you in your path to wealth is first on our list of serving you.

What sets us apart from the rest? Our top-tier analysts with exceptional market insight; History of success and our willingness to now open up our expertise to the retail investor. We are the industry benchmark for customer service superiority and operational excellence. Everything we do centers on You – your security, your profitability and exceeding your expectations. Register Here!

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