AUD/CAD 0.99049 02:30 25.07 NZD/USD 0.74345 01:00 25.07 USD/JPY 111.283 01:00 25.07 ANZ BANK 29.965 01:00 25.07 EUR/USD 1.16334 00:30 25.07 USD/JPY 111.310 00:30 25.07 AUD/USD 0.79205 00:30 25.07 NZD/USD 0.74356 23:00 24.07 AUD/USD 0.79203 22:30 24.07 USD/CAD 1.25096 21:00 24.07 EUR/GBP 0.89376 20:30 24.07 APPLE 152.315 20:00 24.07 ALPHABET Inc C (Google) 982.340 20:00 24.07 USD/CAD 1.25008 19:30 24.07 OIL-SEP17 (BRENT) 48.655 19:00 24.07 NASDAQ VS APPLE 42.20129 19:00 24.07 COCOA-SEP17 1962.50 17:00 24.07 GOLD/EUR 1078.195 16:30 24.07 USD/JPY 111.230 16:30 24.07 EUR/USD 1.16436 15:00 24.07 GBP/USD 1.30473 15:00 24.07 SIEMENS VS E.ON 13.87929 13:30 24.07 GOLD VS SILVER 75.8936 12:30 24.07 GOLD VS SILVER 76.0044 12:00 24.07 OIL-SEP17 (BRENT) 48.465 11:30 24.07 GOLD 1255.829 11:30 24.07 BMW VS DAIMLER 1.31368 11:00 24.07 SIEMENS VS E.ON 13.92712 10:30 24.07 GOLD VS SILVER 76.0492 10:30 24.07 GOLD 1254.270 04:45 24.07


Commodities are defined as marketable items produced to satisfy a want or need. These can be goods and / or services. Some of the commodities or goods you may be familiar with are Oil, Gold, Platinum, Coffee, Pork Bellies, etc. Commodities are usually classified into two groups or classifications – soft or hard. Soft commodities are grown; hard commodities are mined or extracted. Some examples of some soft commodities are Cocoa, Corn, Coffee, Grains, Soybeans, Sugar, Wheat, Fruits, etc. Examples of Hard commodities are Oil, Gold, Rubber, and Platinum.

Commodities are also grouped into four distinct categories: Agriculture (rice, corn, cotton, etc.); Energy (gas, natural gas, oil, heating oil, etc.); Metals (copper, gold, platinum, silver) and Livestock & Meat (live cattle, pork bellies, etc.)

Why Trade Commodities with CFD Corporate
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The CFD Corporate Proprietary FX/CFD Commodity Trading Platform has simplified the entire trading process and experience. We have eliminated the need for complex and difficult educational and training and have created the ideal trading environment conducive to simplicity and success.

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Commodity Trading History
Investing and trading in commodities is an ancient process believed to have originated as far back as 4000 B.C. The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), established in 1848, is the oldest commodity exchange. In 1919, the Chicago Butter and Egg Board changed its name to The Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the CME Clearing House was created.
The CBOT and the CME merged in 2007 to become a single entity, the CME Group, Inc.

Commodity Trading Today
Contracts for Difference (CFD’s)

A contract for difference, commonly referred to as a CFD, is an agreement between two parties to exchange the difference between the opening price and closing price of a contract. Explained in another manner, CFD’s (Contracts for Difference) are derivative products which open up access to trading indices, commodities, foreign currencies without you ever having to actually own the underlying instrument.

Since the turn of the Century, trading in CFD’s has skyrocketed in popularity as a result of technological advances in trading methodologies. However, learning to successfully trade commodities and indices on other broker platforms such as MT4 normally takes many months or years to learn and master.

Until Now! Experience the industry’s #1 FX/CFD Commodities Trading Platform and the first FX/CFD / Forex Retail Dealing Room. Opening a CFD Corporate Trading Account is an easy 1, 2, 3 process. Register now and then share your financial dreams and desires with your account manager or personal broker*.

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Coffee (KC CBOT)
Copper (XCP)
Corn (C)
Gold (XAU)
Oil (WTI)
Platinum (XPT)
Silver (XAG)

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